Highwayman – Winwick, Red Bank Mill

I posted last week about a newspaper article I read about a local Highway Robbery, here now are the details:

Wednesday, November 12, 1800.

The post-Boy carrying the Mail on Horseback from WARRINGTON to WIGAN was stopt about Half-past Two oClock in the Morning of Sunday 9th inst.. between Winwick and RED Bank MIll, by a Man on Foot, who after a struggle with the Rider pulled him off his Horse which the Robber mounted, and rode away with the Mail, containing the following bags of letters, viz.
The Bag from London of Friday, the 7th instant, for Wigan,

The Bags from Liverpool and Warrington, for


The Mail and Bags have been found all empty, except the Warrington bag for Penrith, which does not appear to have been opened.

The Robber wore a Horsemans Cap, marked IV, with a black feather in it, and a blue HOrse Cloth or Cloak, wrapped around him, and spoke much like a Scotchman.

There is a great reason to suppose that the Robbery was commited by a person who was at John Penningtons, the Sign of the Fleece, in Ashton, about Ten oClock on Saturday Night, dressed in a Soldiers Frock and a Horsemans Cap, bound with white, and black Feather in it, appeared to be about 5 Feet 9 or 10 Inches high, stout made, of a brown complexion, pitted with the small pox, and a broad Face.

Whoever shall apprehend and convict, or cause to be apprehended and convicted, the Person who committed this Robbery, will be entitled to a Reward of TWO HUNDRED POUNDS over and above the Reward of FORTY POUNDS given by the Act of Parliment for apprehending Highwaymen: or if any persons whether an Accomplice in the Robbery, or knowing thereof, shall surrender himself, and make discovery, whereby the Person who committed the same, may be apprehended and broght to Jistice, such discoverer will be entitled to the said Reward of Two Hundred Pounds, and will also recieve His Majestys most gracious Pardon.

By Command of His Majestys Postmaster General,


This is a scan of the original article.

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