Sir Hardman Earle (1792 – 1877)

Sir Hardman Earle
Hardman Earle was born 11 JUL 1792, and died 25 JAN 1877, for Earlestown one of the most important days of his life was the 1st March 1853, This was the day that the London and North Western Railway, under the direction of Sir Hardman Earle, leased from Messrs. Jones & Potts a small works known as the Viaduct Foundry
In 1853 there were only around 30 houses available for the viaduct workers but as the foundry became busier, it expanded and the houses and town that was built for the men and their families was called Earlestown after Sir Hardman Earle.
By 1860 there were more than 600 houses in Earlestown.

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