A visit to the works of the Vulcan Foundry, 1927

The party travelled by 1.0 p.m. train from Exchange Station, Manchester, to Earlstown Junction, a saloon having been engaged for their accomodation. On arrival at the works at 1.45 p.m., the party were welcomed by Mr. Whalley, and also Mr. Lane, Works Manager, who together with other members of the staff, personally conducted the members round the works.

Much interest was displayed in the three-cylinder compound engines which were being built for the L.M.S. Railway Company. There was evidence on every side of up-to-date methods of manufacture and good workmanship. The shops are lofty, well ventilated and clean. There is also ample ground for further extension of the works when required. At the conclusion of the visit the members were invited to tea by Mr. Whalley.

one of the NWR Locamotives built 1927 for export to India

Before leaving a hearty vote of thanks, proposed by Mr. G. N. Shawcross (Vice-President) and seconded by Mr. J. W. Smith, was accorded to Mr. Whalley and his staff for the very enjoyable visit and also for their kind hospitality.

I hope this is of interest I have a few more reports plus original Vulcan Locomotives adverts from this journal if I get a good response.

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